Ivan Gospodinov Alien Man a.k.a Kozin was born in 1980 in Varna, the sea capital of Bulgaria.
Begins to deal with electronic music when he was only 17.
Kozin plays in Bulgaria for several years under the nickname of Van Vath.
His producer's nickname is Kozin a.ka Alien Man. His first releases date back 2007.
He works together with Escodero for Tony Thomas's label "Telepathy" .
In 2009 Kozin and some of his friends establish several labels
named as follow % Percent Records". 
Currently he works and produces music using Ableton Live software.
He spins Native Instruments Traktor DJ Studio Live Mac Book Pro + USB Two Traktor Kontrol X1 + one Maschine MK2 .
Likes music that is sold through Beatport, Juno, DJShops.de and others which he also uses to distribute his labels' releases.
Interested in modern technology and investments.

He played with names like Silicone Soul , Tony Thomas ,Christian Fischer, Lory J Ward , Max Brown , DJ CAVAL ,Protech Project, Roby Mannarini , DJ Balthazar, DJ Steven, JackRock , Retek , I-Sorcer ,Karo , Mike D, Versus , DJ Smooke ,DJ Danny, Zool ,Kidd Gerry , Gunay , Sinful Dragons ,2 GUYS IN DA HOUSE ,ALEX , DJ Candelita , Impreslava and others.Kozin - Minus Solar is Favorites Track in Soundcloud Richie Hawtin (2011) . 

Labels : 
Percent Records,Italo Business,Nutempo Records,Telepathy,Moxi Records ,New Era Recordings ,Progress Recordings ,Shiva Records ,
BWG Records ,Beatwork Records ,ACT72 Records ,Vinyl Loops Records ,Ambiosphere Recordings ,BDivision 
Bavaria Recordings, Cubic Records,Solo Digital Music ,Fanfare ,Hero In My Hood, Eclectic Records ,Electro Superstar, Elettrika Records ,Worldwide Exclusive Records, 2LS 2 Dance ,Dogma Records, Freedom Recordings,Hoshi Digital ,Kondormuzik ,Minimatracx Recordings ,Musictracx Recordings ,Prestige Music ,Receptive Records, Relogical ,Road Trip Recordings ,Sa Trincha Recordings ,Sex Panda Records ,Sirion Records ,Stranamente Music ,Tantrum Logo ,Technologika Records ,Volt9 Records ,Wavematik and more 
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